Ask Me About My Nuts

You know you're curious

Handmade, small batch, candied and seasoned peanuts, made in the same traditional old-world way that Grandpa used to gently and carefully prepare his nuts for Grandma.


The facility we’ve been using to flavor our nuts is no more. We’re now a homeless purveyor of nuts and THE MAN won’t let us make food for sale behind the Taco Bell, something about “safety” and “common standards of decency,” and we’re just like “we’ll be careful” and the government’s like “no way José.”

So, until we find a place to coat our nuts we’re closed. We have 90 pounds of peanuts so I dunno, maybe peanut butter. That might be good: candied peanut butter, chipotle peanut butter, pickle peanut butter (well, maybe not pickle). Hopefully we’ll be back.

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